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Scottish landscapes and architecture were originally the subject of the photos on this website. I have now added portfolios of my travels outside Scotland (see Gallery). Any comments you wish to make will be much appreciated - you can leave a review against individual photos.
Prints are available to purchase. Where a full image is displayed, you can click on "CLICK HERE for pricing information" to show options and then use the scroll button to display sizes and mounts available.
If you would like a print delivered in a different format, please use the Contact page to advise the image(s) you are interested in and the variations you might want. If these can be accommodated, I will upload the result to the Customer Preview portfolio for you to view, allowing you to assess the change before you place any order.
Variations available include :-
a. swapping between landscape, portrait, square and panorama if the image can accommodate it;
b. changing the colour scheme to mono, sepia or even colour-toned to suit your own preferences.
c. combining 2 or more shots into one picture (See Customer Preview for an example of this).

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